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Terms and Conditions

For Repairs and the Supply of Equipment | Please Read

By placing a request for repairs to be undertaken or new equipment to be supplied, you the customer, agree to the following terms and conditions.

It is the customers' responsibility to back up their own data. Whilst every effort is made to preserve customer’s data, A & A Computing cannot be held liable for loss or damage to data, howsoever caused. This is particularly relevant when reloading an operating system when the original data will be overwritten during the load process.

It is common practice to try to preserve customer’s personal data files, but data held in other nonstandard locations are unlikely to be identified. This also applies to email handling systems data which is often difficult or not possible to transfer and may involve additional charges if specifically requested to be attempted.

When reloading a machine or supplying a new PC or laptop it is important to realize that it will NOT be a copy of any previous system. Although it may be possible to transfer personal data files, programs and utilities cannot be copied and need to be reloaded individually.

When setting up a machine or a system, we will include the installation of a range of necessary utilities and application software, but these may differ from your previous software programs. There are many different customizations and preference settings within Windows. It will be the customer’s responsibility to apply or re-apply any required settings changes to their machine. This includes the positioning and appearance of desktop and icons.

Every effort is made to treat your equipment with care and respect, but we cannot be held liable for minor scratching or marking to equipment during the course of a repair. In the event of serious damage occurring we will, of course, make good the damage but we will not be liable for any loss of time, inconvenience profits etc.


It is the customers' responsibility to maintain a record of their own passwords and to provide any passwords that are required to complete the requested work.

Product Keys and Software Activation

It will only be possible to reload specialist software providing the necessary installation disks and product keys are available. In some cases where software has been purchased online and requires access to the customers' online account to reload the programs, this will need to be done by the customer.


Unless otherwise stated, repairs and new equipment are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 1 year (Refurbished equipment for 90 days). The operation of software cannot be included in this guarantee unless due to the incorrect loading or installation by ourselves.

Disposal of Old Equipment

It is normally the customers' responsibility to dispose of old, faulty or unwanted equipment. It may be possible to assist with the disposal, but this may result in a charge being made.

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