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My Advice and Tips

  • Try to avoid shutting down your PC or laptop unless it going to be unused for a long period of time. Windows (and many of the installed applications) have to go through a massive schedule of checks, routines, and housekeeping tasks on start-up which greatly impacts on how quickly the machine is able to respond to your commands. Let the PC go to sleep (or just close the lid on a laptop) and you will find that the machine will perform much better.
  • Laptop batteries will last many times longer if they are used until they are completely discharged and then completely recharged every month or two. This will prevent ‘memory creep’ which will otherwise greatly reduce the running time of a battery.
  • If your machine suffers an unexpected software problem, or if it freezes on an application, try just shutting down the machine and restarting it. Many minor problems are rectified in this way.
  • If your machine freezes completely and won’t respond to shutting down, hold the off/on button for 5—10 seconds and power will be shut off allowing you to restart hopefully normally. If you get an option to ‘repair the machine’ or ‘restart normally’ always use the arrow keys to select ‘restart normally’ and only if this fails to use the repair option.
  • Be extremely wary of software that offers to ‘speed up’ or ‘optimize’ the performance of your machine. They will not cure problems. They perform no useful purpose above the maintenance tasks that Windows 7 and later systems are quite capable of carrying out automatically. Indeed, they will not only be a waste of money but there is a great danger that they will corrupt your machine.
  • The most common cause of poor performance is unnecessary software that users have been tempted to install following impromptu advertising.
  • NEVER, EVER, let someone take over your machine during a telephone call you have received, no matter how dire the threats. These scammers pretend to be from Microsoft, BT, or ’your service provider’ and will try every trick in the book to let them take control of your machine or get you to give them your credit/ debit card details. None of these genuine companies will ever phone you unsolicited.
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